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Hands on Color e-Books for Artists and Designers Pack [A-C]

  • Have you ever sit in front of your favorite design application wondering what colors you should use in your project?

    Whether it had been a logo, or a web site or a 3D rendering of a house interior even the most expert designers sometimes simply can’t decide. And well the least experts will most likely choose an entirely wrong or unbalanced combination of colors.

    The solution to this problem is not just to know the color theory well. Every professional artist or designer should have a deep understanding of how to combine colors harmoniously. But sometimes this is not enough! Having a color index around to present you with color combinations and ideas of palettes to use or modify to suit your needs, can prove the most invaluable investment you ever made in your design toolkit!

    So even though it took me over a week reviewing this excellent product, I am really happy I got the chance, since this pack will be the solution to my (and your) many color decision problems.

    The “Color Book for Artists and Designers Pack [A-C]” contains 3 well designed e-books with over 3.000.000 possible color combinations. In reality tenfold more since you can produce more variations if you have a nice understanding of color theory. Furthermore these editions are accompanied with the .ase files of the palettes saving you tremendous time to import them in your favorite adobe application and use them immediately!

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Color List

  • Rosewood


    Hex triplet: #65000B
    sRGB (r, g, b): (101, 0, 11)
    CMYK (c, m, y, k): (0, 100, 89, 60)
    HSV (h, s,…

  • Skobeloff


    Hex triplet: #007A74
    sRGB (r, g, b): (0, 122, 116)
    CMYK (c, m, y, k): (74, 0, 23, 27)
    HSV (h, s,…

  • Persian Rose

    Persian Rose

    Hex triplet: #FE28A2
    sRGB (r, g, b): (254, 40, 162)
    CMYK (c, m, y, k): (0, 84, 36, 0)
    HSV (h, s,…

  • Olivine


    Hex triplet: #9AB973
    sRGB (r, g, b): (154, 185, 115)
    CMYK (c, m, y, k): (17, 0, 38, 27)
    HSV (h, s,…