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Keboto – Color Palette No20

Keboto - Color Palette No20

This is a series of posts that keboto presents every Tuesday and Friday. The posts consist of a color palette made by keboto and the color analysis of the palette colors:

  • White background palette testing
  • Black background palette testing
  • Matching options
  • Transparency
  • Complementary palette colors
  • Color data

White background palette testing

By white background palette testing you can see how the colors of the palette react to white background.

Black background palette testing

By black background palette testing you can see how the colors of the palette react to black background.

Matching options

This is a color matching system of eight tri-color representations produced by the color palette. The size of each square represents the amount of color that we can use when coloring surfaces. This amount of color isn’t an absolute percentage, which means that we can choose the surfaces (drawings, designs, walls, clothes, product parts etc.) in order to fit better to our needs. Every color inside the tri-color matching representation has at least 10% contrast value from the other colors. These tri-color representations are a very quick option when we have to extract colors from a palette with a large number of colors.


This is the transparency test for the palette colors, using a scale with steps of 5%. The test is applied to white and black background in order to give you more information about the palette colors.

Complementary palette colors

Complementary colors are pairs of colors with opposite hue values in the same color model. In color theory, two colors are called complementary if their mixture produces a neutral color. The use of complementary colors is an important aspect of aesthetically pleasing art and graphic design. This also extends to other fields such as contrasting colors in logos and retail display, fashion, product design and many others.

Color data

Color data is the section of the post that you can find information about the palette colors in 13 different color models. That is very helpful to anyone who is not able to convert colors through the different colors models.

Color data is given to the next Color Models:

HTTP, Web safe, RGB 0-255, RGB 0-FF, RGB 0-0.1, CMY 0-0.1, CMYK %, XYZ, Yxy, CIE-L*ab, CIE-L*CH, CIE-L*uv, HunterLab

Note: Color data may produce different results due to color management and color reproduction mismatch.

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