Colorbook for artist and designers PACK A-I


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The edition color book for artists and designers is a tool for selecting color combinations through researched suggestions by keboto. Throughout the book we analyse all the knowledge and skills that the reader will need, in order to use our color book for artists and designers in the most efficient and optimal way. Purpose of the book is the representation of color combinations taken from the natural and vibrant colours of photographs, and the realistic distinction of the said colors.

This books content is a valuable tool exceptionally useful to artists and designers alike, that want to solve the problem of choosing the right color combination for their creations. The palettes presented and analysed in this book can be applied in a vast array of fields, from decoration and architecture to web design and 3d renderings. Of course the book can also be used by anyone who would like to acquire a proper color education and the ability to recognize and appreciate correct color combinations and understand “the why” behind color choices!

“Color book for artists and designers because life is color!”

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