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  • What is a Colorbook?
    Colorbook is a tool that correlates colors with their corresponding arithmetic values, and also presents you with ready-made color combinations you can instantly use! It includes chromatic tests and every color’s information is available in 13 distinct color spaces.  The presented color palettes fulfill the requirements of color harmonies in many levels.  Our color combinations are inspired by stunning photographic representations and the end result is our unique Keboto color palettes.
  • How can I use a Colorbook?
    By skimming through a Keboto Colorbook you can get inspired and find many palettes you would like to use in your current project. You can then review each color test provided by the book and see if the selected colors would work properly in your application. Whether it is for sketching, drawing, website, graphics, interior design, architectural rendering, 3d design, motion graphics etc. the values from the 13 provided color spaces will enable you to use these colors almost anywhere!
  • Who will benefit from having a Colorbook?
    Colorbook is an indispensable tool for every serious professional in the visual arts fields (i.e. Graphic designers, Web designers, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Artists, Photographers, Interior Designers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Industrial Designers, Decorators etc.) In a more generic way though a colorbook can be invaluable to any professional that has to work with color! Keboto colorbooks have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind so that they can be understandable by non-professional users as well who just need a helping hand in deciding and choosing colors.
  • What are the .ASE files?
    The .ASE file (Adobe Swatch Exchange) is a file format that was introduced in Creative Suite 2 to share color swatches between the Creative Suite 2 programs for color management.  They describe color information in the form of color palettes comprised by swatches. They retain compatibility with any future versions so you can create and load these files through various Adobe applications like Illustrator, InDesign, Kuler etc. independent of their version number.
  • What are the .ACO files?
    The .ACO files work similar with .ASE but they can be opened only by Adobe Photoshop. ACO files store a color swatch, which is a collection of predefined colors. They also store the name of each color, which is then displayed when hovering the mouse over the color in the color palette. It is used for creating images that conform to certain color standards and is particularly useful for controlling colors for different publishing media, such as digital image files and paper prints.
  • Is every Keboto Colorbook accompanied with .ASE and .ACO files?
    Most of our Colorbooks are accompanied by .ASE and .ACO files, but some editions are not. To be certain, you can read the description of each Colorbook and see there if it includes those files or not before you buy it.
  • In what formats are the Keboto Colorbooks available?
    We provide our Colorbooks in screen optimized pdfs, print optimized pdfs and .swf.
  • Can I print them?
    Yes you can! By using our print optimized version you can print in high quality the whole book or just the part you are interested in.
  • Is the color representation accurate?
    The color data by themselves are 100% accurate. However color representation can only be 99.8% accurate. A small percentage of inaccuracy is unavoidable when working with color. Factors like resolution, your hardware, calibration of devices etc. might alter by a small percentage how we perceive a color on screen or print.
  • Do I need specialized knowledge to get the most out of Keboto Colorbooks?
    Not really. But either way everything you might want to know is analyzed for you in the beginning of each book.


  • Are you open to partnership or collaboration offers?
    Yes we are. Simply contact us by sending an email: info [at]
  • How can I ask for help?
    Simply send us an email: info [at]
  • How often I will be receiving your newsletters?
    Usually you will receive our informative material once per month.
  • How do I create a new account?
    Click on the Login Button and when prompted choose “Create an Account”.
  • I forgot my account password! What will I do now?
    Select the option “Lost password” from the login page and follow the automated code reset process.


  • What currency you use for the transactions?
    All transactions are in American US Dollars. But Paypal can handle automatically any currency conversions for you. So actually you can use any currency you like.
  • Can I use an expired coupon code?
    No. After the code has been expired is no longer valid to apply for its discount.
  • When my coupon code expires?
    We inform you how long a coupon code is valid, in the promotional material you got the code from.
  • I have a discount coupon code, how do I use it?
    Go to your shopping bag to proceed with the purchase. Fill in the proper data for your order, and in the input field named “Promotional Code” type your coupon code and click apply. You will see the new updated product cost before you have to pay for it.
  • Is the content of the products copyrighted?
    Yes. Our products are copyrighted and all rights for them are reserved by Keboto and the ebook Author.
  • Keboto products have shipping?
    No. All our products are digital downloads which you can access immediately after the purchase!
  • Can I send my Wishlist to a friend?
    Yes. There is the option to social share your wishlist or send it via email to a friend.
  • I lost the file I downloaded can I re-download it again?
    Yes. Simply login to your account and re-use the same download link you had initially used.
  • How I will download my purchase?
    After the transaction is completed on the paypal side, return back to your account page. There you will notice that the download links of the purchased products, have become available. You will also receive your download link through an email.
  • Are the products taxable?
    Yes. In every product is applied the proper VAT.
  • What payment types are available?
    We use Paypal for every transaction so every payment method Paypal accepts is valid.
  • Are my financial data safe?
    Yes. We don’t keep any financial information, as you get redirected to Paypal to finalize the payment through their service.
  • Do I need an account to buy?
    Yes, you will have to create an account.
  • How can I buy Keboto products?
    Choose from the product i want to buy and the click on it. After the product page is opened I click the “Add to Shopping Bag” button. To confirm and finalize my order, click on the shopping bag and follow the purchase steps.

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