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5 ways to make your portfolio professional

5 ways to make your portfolio professional

Create a portfolio is easy. Create a professional portfolio is not easy. Knowledge of aesthetics, design, visual communication and tools is essential. But again something is missing. What is missing is the experience of a professional designer who makes the difference in the result. So let’s look at 5 steps that will simulate our effort with a professional outcome.


  1. We select a Portfolio Template that we like.
  2. We select and group the images to use for each project and color.
  3. We work on texts to provide comprehensive and meaningful information to readers.
  4. We select the number of pages required according to the following criteria (Total print volume, Print Cost).
  5. Design and printing a draft for testing (typographical errors, photographs, visual communication). We make an estimate of the overall result. We correct mistakes and make the changes they need and we are ready.

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